Recap of MPLAN Symposium 2013

"Celebrating and Recognizing Learning"
RRC’s RPL Services and MPLAN facilitated the RPL Symposium 2013 – Celebrating and Recognizing Learning on May 22, 2013.

RRC’s RPL Services and MPLAN facilitated the RPL Symposium 2013 – Celebrating and Recognizing Learning on May 22, 2013. Over 30 participated for the full day in RRC’s eTV Studio and others from RRC, Manitoba and Newfoundland joined the presentations via live streaming video. Mavis Lewis-Webber, MPLAN Chair, and Deb Blower, RPL Facilitator (RRC), opened the day and welcomed the participants.

Speakers and topics throughout the day included:

Access and Advising Supports – What’s Key?

Nadia Mahmood - Manager, Diversity & Immigrant Student Support; Red River College

Advisors – Champions in RPL:

Barbara Read - Coordinator, Adult Learning Services and PLAR Student Services; University of Winnipeg

Lauren Waples – RPL Advisor; Red River College

Assessing Prior Learning – What’s Key?

Stacey Thorarinson-Hoff – Registrar; Winnipeg Technical College

Deb Blower – RPL Facilitator; Red River College

The final session of the day, Recognizing Prior Learning: Success – What’s Key? provided the opportunity for discussion on success in RPL for a variety of key stakeholders.

PEARL Awards

Three MPLAN PEARL (Pursuit of Excellence in the Assessment and Recognition of Learning )Awards were presented to the following:

C.L. Malach Company (1997) Ltd. – for implementing a customized approach to recruitment and in-house training, based on Essential Skills and RPL principles and practices. This was presented to Philip Portelance by Megan Schwabiuk, Workplace Education Manitoba.

Learning Agents – for developing innovative, more accessible and more powerful RPL instruments (e-portfolios and websites) for learners, educators and government AND for sharing its RPL expertise in Manitoba, in Canada and well beyond. This was presented to Don Presant by D’Arcy Phillips, Chair, PEARL Awards Committee.

Red River College’s Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Nurses (BPIEN) – for developing and implementing a customized program to assist internationally educated Registered Nurses working toward registration in Manitoba. This was presented to Cathy Baxter and Kathryn Braun by Carol Girling and Lauren Waples, RRC.

Congratulations to the 2013 PEARL Award Winners!

To view a recording of the presentations and PEARL Awards, go to

Feedback on the Event

Here are a few participants’ comments on the RPL Symposium:

- “Another great symposium and AGM that helps sustain our sense of community among the RPL sector.”

- “From the perspective of an RPL student I found this seminar to be informative however, I feel that RPL needs to be more readily available to more occupations against other academic tools.”

- “All the presentations were well developed” - [PEARL Award presentations were] “a highlight”

- “Day was excellent but long.”

- “Very informative day. . . Perhaps having a couple of interactive activities to break up the lectures could further strengthen this already fantastic event.”

Images from the event