Red River College - RPL Practitioner Certificate Courses 2013-2014

Please see the details below on the course delivery options for 2013-14.

Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology is pleased to once again offer a number of courses in the RPL Practitioner Certificate program. The attached brochure provides basic course information. Registration details and additional course information can be accessed at .

Please see the details below on the course delivery options for 2013-14.

These course are eligible for financial support from MPLAN's RPL Student Award. See details.


Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 Term Courses

Registration is currently open for all terms. There are still openings in the following courses:

RPL Foundation (PLAR 1200)

Online distance delivery - October 28, 2013 through to March 3, 2014

Train the Trainer: Portfolio (PLAR 2002)

Online distance delivery – September 23 , 2013 through to  November 25, 2013

RPL Practitioner (advanced) (PLAR 1201)

Online/distance delivery -January 13, 2014 through to May 5, 2014

RPL Practicum (PLAR 1203)

For practitioners who have completed all of the theory courses , the RPL Practicum course is available and  specific dates will to be confirmed  with  individual learners.  An RPL process and resources are available for those practitioners with significant prior learning in the RPL field relevant to the Program learning outcomes.

Spring 2014 Term Courses

RPL Special Issues (PLAR 1202)

This course has been developed in an online format and will be offered during the Spring term (April 7, 2014- June 27, 2014). 

12th annual RPL Foundation Summer Institute (PLAR 1200)

Scheduled for June 9-13th, 2014.

Registration is open for these courses.

RPL for the RPL Practitioner Certificate

Are you an experienced RPL advisor, assessor or coordinator/facilitator? Did you know that RPL processes and resources are available for the courses in the RPL Practitioner Certificate for those with previous formal learning and informal learning from work and life experience related to the RPL field?  Please contact Deb Blower for further information on these RPL processes.