Boeing Canada, Winnipeg

                                 PHOTO:  Colin Russell, Registrar, U of Winnipeg and

                          Shannon MacFarlane, Enhanced English Skills for Employment 

               (on behalf of Boeing - both were involved with Boeing projects in previous years)


The MPLAN PEARL Award is given for the Pursuit of Excellence in the Assessment and Recognition of prior Learning. (More about the PEARL Award)


Background for this Award

For more than a decade, Boeing Canada Winnipeg has demonstrated that when it comes to the Recognition of Prior Learning /RPL, it is unique among major private sector employers in Manitoba.


Pursuit of Excellence

Throughout those 10 years Boeing Canada Winnipeg has shown  a strong, broad and long term commitment  to RPL and has done this not only  by applying it in innovative ways within the company, but also by promoting an awareness and acceptance of RPL as a fundamental  HR strategy  among other employers within Manitoba and beyond.  


Results Achieved

  1. Innovative Grade XII Mature Student program for 13 employees who did not have their Grade 12 Certificates.  RPL was applied to relevant school studies and learning in company and Grade 12 gap training was provided at Boeing (2003/4). Done with MacLeod Adult Learning Centre; Note: All 13 students graduated with Mature Student Diplomas. Boeing received joint PEARL Award with MacLeod in 2005
  2. Multi-employer RPL program 2006/9 for high potential junior managers with no first degree: led to U of Wpg. Bachelor of Business and Economics. 2010 PEARL Award went to U of W and Manitoba Aerospace Human Resource Coordinating Committee. Concept and the energy, commitment and drive came from Boeing who also hosted UW classes.
  3. RPL assessment (6 hours) for highly skilled workers → qualification as Boeing Inspector (instead of taking 6 weeks of training) 2007. Still in use because Boeing can now respond quickly when rates of production rapidly increase and more Inspectors are needed.
  4. RPL assessment→ most qualified/ experienced workers certified in a new occupation (Composite Rework) (2009). 75% of experienced workers were certified in a fraction of time/cost of ‘regular’ training.



Over a decade of Essential Skills Training (which includes RPL) were delivered within the company. Boeing Winnipeg also   supported Workplace Education Manitoba/WEM and WPLAR - both of which promote and are based upon an understanding of the principles and practices of RPL. Boeing lent its name and credibility to the concept to Essential Skills training (including RPL) across MB and Canada. A Boeing Rep has served on the Board of Directors of WEM for more than a decade.