ExemPLAR Award

NOTE:  MPLAN is not offering any awards at this time. Please contact the board for more information - info@mbplar.ca.  Thank you.

The MPLAN ExemPLAR Award recognizes significant achievements in RPL/PLAR.

In contrast to the PEARL Award, those successes should be of the type that, when viewed by potential newcomers to the field, are seen not as being overwhelming but as being achievable or doable with a reasonable commitment of staff time and money. That is, they are examples of authentic and important RPL successes in terms of their results. However, they did not require the unusual commitment in terms of time spent and/or challenges overcome that is required to be eligible for the PEARL Award.

In short, ExemPLAR celebrates real success in RPL and looks to the future because it makes clear real success in RPL can be achieved with a reasonable amount of time and effort.

An example will help to illustrate:

  • In a little over a year, a small employer improves its productivity and profits by successfully incorporating RPL into the workplace as part of its ongoing Human Resource policies and practices.