Membership Benefits

The Manitoba Prior Learning Assessment Network (MPLAN) invites you and your organization to become a MPLAN member.

Since 1995, MPLAN has worked to build a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) community of practice. MPLAN offers the following benefits to members:


  • Helping those new to the RPL field build the knowledge, attitudes, confidence and recognition required to succeed as prior learning practitioners


  • Offering update sessions about new RPL practices and activities such as the new Quality Assurance for RPL in Canada: The Manual launched in Toronto at the Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment ( conference.


  • Sharing RPL practices among Regulatory Bodies, Immigrant Professional Associations, Employers, Industry, Government, English as an Additional Language facilitators, Post-Secondary institutions, RPL Consultants, and Career Development groups to help each other understand and apply the various uses of  the RPL process:
    • The RPL process can be used to help individuals reflect on past experiences and learning. It can help individuals take stock of skills and abilities and set career and educational goals. In turn, these goals can assist people in moving forward by building upon what they already know and can do.
    • The RPL process makes it possible for educational institutions, workplaces, professional bodies and other organizations to assess knowledge and skills for the purpose of awarding credit, granting professional status or advancing in a career.
    • The RPL process can help individuals and organizations save time and money by filling in the gaps in learning, therefore avoiding having to repeat what people already know and can do. (CAPLA 2016 - Why PLAR/RPL?)


MPLAN offers Annual Membership fees that fit you and/or your organization’s needs. With the choice of four categories, you can decide how many within your organization should receive regular news and event information from MPLAN.

  • Individual                                       $50        
  • Corporate (2-9  members)             $150
  • Corporate (10-20 members)          $250
  • MPLAN Supporter                          $400


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MPLAN’s Board of Directors meets and plans events for the year. We also aim to address member requests for learning in RPL related events. What would you like to learn about? Contact us at