NOTE:  MPLAN is not offering any awards at this time. Please contact the board for more information -  Thank you.

From its inception, the PEARL Award has gone to organisations demonstrating a commitment to the Pursuit of Excellence in the Assessment and Recognition of (prior) Learning. In recent years, it has evolved in a way that emphasises the pursuit of excellence in PLAR/RPL over a substantial period of time and/or in the face of substantial challenges.

In short, the PEARL Award honours the past and focuses on RPL achievements that could be called ‘Heavy Duty’ RPL.

Two examples will help to illustrate:

  1. Over several decades, a large college embeds RPL into its culture and establishes successful ways of promoting it, supporting it, continuously improving it and reporting annually on RPL outcomes.
  2. Over several years, small licensing body with outside help and hundreds of volunteer hours from its members, dramatically improves all its RPL processes to match the state of the art, and redesigns its website (using Plain Language), making it user friendly to newcomers to Canada.